Our Philosophy

I. The Contract of Trust

Banking is a public trust. The lifeblood of a bank flows from individuals who entrust money and property because of their confidence that the institution will keep faith with them.

Bank of Commerce, therefore upholds the interest of its publics as the primary reason for its existence. Believing that public trust requires the highest degree of integrity, tested skills, and best effort, the Bank's foundation and focus are anchored on values, which enhance the lives of its publics. Thus, Bank of Commerce roots its basic relationships as persons on dignity; with others on trust; towards work on excellence, and resources on prudence.

II. Sound Fundamentals as Bases for Profitable Business

Necessarily, Bank of Commerce operates on sound fundamentals to create an environment of profitability, enabling the Bank to pursue the goal of serving both its internal and external publics.

The Bank seeks and continues to refine structural, technical, and behavioral improvement based on defined operating parameters towards profitability. But while structural and technical systems can and need to change through time and business climate, behavioral standards and practices marked by leadership through example, pride in the institution, and recognition in the industry and the community are timeless and universal fundamentals the Bank upholds. For it is the behavioral standard as practiced that serves as touchstone and springboard for an institution to take off on sure and steady wings -- confidence in its pride, leadership, and role in the industry.

Thus, the manner by which Bank of Commerce does business is anchored on values of excellence, integrity, prudence, commitment, trust, and social consciousness. These are the fundamentals, which do not change through time and business climate.

III. Corporate Citizenship as an Enduring Testament

An institution does not exist for the sole purpose of making profits. Beyond the bottomline is a role that an enduring corporation plays.

A business corporation achieves the status of being an institution when its image and identity are perceived to be consistent with people's aspirations and beliefs. Ultimately, this becomes the bedrock for endurance. Thus, the most admired corporations are those who earn public respect and loyalty.

Bank of commerce aspires for endurance as an institution through good corporate citizenship. Stemming from the desire to contribute to national development, the Bank commits to value formation as its enduring testament and legacy. It aims to make its mark in the formation of a news generation of Filipinos working and living by the four core values of personal integrity, family unity, civic responsibility, and global solidarity.

If the Bank's chosen role neither gives instant gratification nor plays passionately to the galleries, it is so because such manner reflects the quiet intensity and long-term vision of the architects of the institution. Value formation is, after all, a vision and broad one that takes time, patience, and deep commitment to achieve. But when it does take roots, the Bank's enduring testament would quietly but with definitive permanence change the value system of an entire generation and, therefore, the course of a nation.

IV. In Brief

Bank of Commerce conducts the business of banking within the framework of this philosophy; doing things well for the institution because of the public it serves. Our Credo

I belong to the Bank of Commerce family.
I commit to the highest ideals of banking and service
Excellence marks my work. I hold public trust sacred.
Integrity defines my thought, words, and actions.
I take pride in my institution.
Commitment and professionalism manifest my loyalty.
I care for others.
Responsible citizenship links me to a broad vision.
I keep faith with God.
My Life is a testament to my belief.
This is my Credo.
It guides the course of my daily life and work.
I constantly strive to be a true Value Banker

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