Enjoy financial flexibility with a versatile and rewarding everyday credit card. Take care of your basic needs while enjoying the privileges you deserve. Charge your groceries, gas, utilities, or installment purchases and be rewarded on everyday spend.


Live a life without worries; take advantage of greater purchasing power with higher spending limits. Shop, dine, travel and enjoy more perks and rewards on all your spending.


Enjoy life’s luxuries and the freedom to purchase the finest things the world has to offer using your premium card. Use your card anywhere in the world and take advantage of exciting privileges, the exclusive benefits of Dual Currency Billing, and Waived Annual Membership Fees.


  • Rewards Plus

    For every Php25 spent on your Bank of Commerce MasterCard Credit Card, card holders will earn one(1) Rewards point. Earn as much as 5x Rewards points when using the card at select dining and shopping establishments. Exchange points from a wide selection of rewards merchandise.

  • Installment Plus

    Shop at selected establishments and avail of installment offers as low as 0% interest payable in 3, 6, 12, 18, 24 and 36 months.

  • Installment Convert

    Low monthly interest rates and longer payment terms when converting to install big ticket purchases such as tuition fees, hospital bills, wedding reception, etc.

  • Balance Transfer

    Take advantage of low monthly interest rates when you transfer your other credit card balances to your Bank of Commerce MasterCard

  • Dual Currency Billing (for Platinum Cardholders)

    Enjoy the convenience of two separate billing for local and international purchases. All local purchases will be billed and paid in Philippine Peso (PHP) while international purchases will be billed and paid in US Dollars (USD).


  • Applicant must be between 21 to 65 years old for principal cardholder and at least 18 years old for Supplementary.

  • Filipino resident or local resident foreigner.

  • Minimum annual income requirement is P120,000 for Classic MasterCard, P455,000 for Gold MasterCard and P1,200,000 for Platinum MasterCard

  • Must have an office or business landline and a residence landline or post paid mobile phone.

  • Home or office address must be located within 15 km radius of a Bank of Commerce branch.

Photocopy of Valid ID with Photo (for principal and supplementary)
  • Passport

  • Driver's License

  • Company ID

  • TIN ID

  • GSIS E-Card

  • SSS ID

  • Other Government Issued IDs


  • Latest Income Tax Return (BIR Form 2316) (Mandatory)

  • 3 months payslip preceding the date of application

    Additional documents that may be required:

  • Certificate of Employment and Income

  • Copy of last 2 months credit card billing statements
    (must be a Principal cardholder of good standing in the last 12 months)

  • Letter of Appointment

  • Latest Income Tax Return with Bank / BIR Stamp (Mandatory)

  • Copy of Business Registration with SEC or DTI

  • Audited Financial Statement for the last two (2) years with latest ITR with BIR Stamp or Bank Stamp

  • Bank Statement for the last three (3) months (Optional)

Annual Membership Fee
FREE for the 1st Year
FREE for the 1st Year
Principal Card
Supplementary Card
Finance Charge / Effective Interest Rate per Month
Finance Charge/Interest Rate Computation
Interest charge is computed based on the average daily balance (ADB) computed from the transaction date for retail transactions, monthly installments, fees, credits/payments and cash advance until the next statement date. Any finance charge due but unpaid will form part of the principal balance and will continue to earn finance charge.
Minimum Amount Due
5% of the Total Outstanding Balance or Php500 whichever is higher (Peso billing) or 3% of the Total Outstanding Balance or USD50 whichever is higher (Dollar Billing). The minimim amount due consists of the following: (a) a % of the Total Outstanding Balance inclusive of all fees and charges, (b) past due amount, (c) monthly installment amount; (d) any amount in excess of the credit limit. The minimum amount due is the sum of (a), (b), (c), & (d) or P500, whichever is higher.
Late Payment Fee
5% of minimum amount due or Php500 whichever is higher.
5% of minimum amount due or
Php500 whichever is higher; or
5% of minimum amount due or
$10 whichever is higher.
Cash Advance Fee & Interest
5% of the amount withdrawn or Php300 whichever is higher plus 3.25%
Interest Charge which will be computed from the date of transaction until
full settlement of the cash advance amount.
5% of the amount withdrawn or
Php300 whichever is higher plus
2.95% Interest Charge which will
be computed from the date of
transaction until full settlement of
the cash advance amount.
Cash Advance Service Charge (Over-the-counter)
Foreign Currency Conversion Fee
Purchases in foreign currencies will be converted automatically to Philippine Peso at MasterCard's currency conversion rate plus foreign currency conversion fee of 2% (consists of MasterCard's assessment fee and Bank of Commerce service fee).
Charge Slip Retrieval Fee
Php200 for local and Php300 for International purchases
Card Replacement Fee
Php300 for lost card and Php200 for damaged card
Returned Check Fee
Installment Acceleration Fee
5% of remaining principal amount or Php500 whichever is higher
Closed Account Maintenance Fee
Gaming Service Transaction Fee
3% of the transaction amount


Pay your Credit Card Bill via any of the following channels:

  • Bank of Commerce Branches
    • Pay over-the-counter at any of the Bank's 122 branches nationwide
    • Click here for the complete list of the Bank's branches
  • Auto Debit Arrangement
    • Open an account with Bank of Commerce and enroll in the Auto Debit Arrangement (ADA) facility
  • Bank of Commerce bCommerce (Retail Internet Banking)
    • Register your Bank of Commerce Current / Savings Account to pay online
    • Click here to go to bCommerce portal

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Member: PDIC. Maximum Deposit Insurance
for Each Depositor P500,000.