Heartbleed Advisory

Dear Bank of Commerce Customer,

News of the online security threat called “Heartbleed” has been in circulation recently and has brought about concerns in the banking industry. “Heartbleed”, a security bug only present in the OpenSSL technology, allows an attacker to anonymously download data from a server such as account information and user credentials.

In light of this, Bank of Commerce would like to assure you that the Bank of Commerce Internet Banking Facility does not use OpenSSL technology, and as such, we are not vulnerable to the “Heartbleed” threat

If you suspect anyone has used your Bank of Commerce Retail Internet Banking account without your permission, contact the Bank of Commerce Customer Care at (+632) 632-2265

Talk to the Customer Care Agents rather than ignore your suspicions. You are responsible for all transactions made in your Bank of Commerce Retail Internet Banking account through the use of your log-in particulars. Any and all banking transactions requested and effected using your log-in particulars shall be presumed by the Bank to be performed and/or authorized by you. Read more security tips

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