bCommerce FAQs


What is bCommerce Retail Internet Banking?

It is an online banking platform for Bank of Commerce individual clients designed for managing bank accounts and performing various banking transactions.

What are the features of bCommerce Internet Banking?

The features of bCommerce Retail Internet Banking are:
- Funds Transfer
- Bills Payment
- Balance Inquiry
- Checkbook Re-order
- Viewing of Transaction History
- Change in depositor's profile
- Enrollment of additional own and third party account


How can I enroll and use bCommerce Retail Internet Banking?

1. You can enroll online:

- Visit http://www.bankcom.com.ph.
- Click the bCommerce Internet Banking link.
- Click the link for new enrollments (For hassle-free banking service, enroll in bCommerce now! Click here).
- Fill-out the online enrollment form.
- Print, sign and submit the confirmation of enrollment and the terms and conditions document (which will be sent to the email address you indicated in the online enrollment form) to any Bank of Commerce branch.

2. You may also visit any Bank of Commerce branch for a guided enrollment.

Your access will be activated after you submitted the required documents for verification and approval of any Bank of Commerce branch.

My enrollment is still not yet processed, what seems to be the problem?

Please be reminded that the bank will only process your enrollment to bCommerce Retail Internet Banking once we receive the required documents for verification. After which, please allow 3 to 5 banking days for us to process your enrollment.

I forgot to print my Confirmation of Enrollment and Terms and Conditions document and I already deleted them. What can I do to have my enrollment activated?

You may visit any Bank of Commerce branch and request for a pre-printed copy of the Terms and Conditions document. Kindly sign this document and submit to the branch for activation of your enrollment.

Who can enroll and what types of accounts can be enrolled?

Only individual clients are allowed to enroll in the bCommerce Internet Banking.

Only the following accounts are allowed to be enrolled in the facility:
- All active CASA accounts (PHP, USD, EURO)
- All active Time Deposits (PHP, USD, EURO)
- All existing loan products

With the exception of the following:
- In-Trust-for (ITF) (but allowed as third party accounts)
- Treasurer-in-Trust
- Corporate, partnership and joint accounts (but allowed as third party accounts)
- Benefit loans, ROPOA and BP Rediscounting

Can I apply my joint account?

Currently, this feature is not yet available in bCommerce Internet Banking facility.

Can I enroll my Time Deposit account?

Yes, but enrollment of your current account or savings account is a pre-requisite to enrollment of your time deposit account. Please note that the available feature for Time Deposit is only balance inquiry.

Can I enroll all my Bank of Commerce accounts?

For your convenience, we allow multiple account enrollments in bCommerce Internet Banking. However, please take note of the following conditions to multiple account enrollments:

- You are only allowed to enroll a maximum of five (5) accounts for the initial enrollment.. These include your own accounts as well as beneficiary accounts that you may also choose to enroll.
- If you enroll two or more accounts of different types (CASA/TD/loan accounts) at the same time, the CASA account shall be required as the first account to be nominated. If enrollment of CASA account is rejected, the TD and/or loan account shall automatically be rejected by the system.
- For succeeding enrollments, you are already allowed to enroll regardless of the number of accounts.

What is an account alias?

An account alias is the nickname you assigned to your account during the enrollment process. This will help you manage all your different accounts as you do not have to memorize all the account numbers. You simply have to choose the assigned alias on the drop down list during your financial transactions.

Are there costs involved in applying for bCommerce Internet Banking?

Accessing bCommerce Internet Banking is free of charge.

Will I be assigned a username and password by the bank?

No, you will specify your own username and password by accomplishing the corresponding fields in the Online Electronic Form.

Can I still enroll to bCommerce Internet Banking even if I am abroad?

Yes, simply enroll online and send the signed the original terms and conditions and confirmation of enrollment to any Bank of Commerce branch.

Can I send attached scanned documents via e-mail or fax the document to any Bank of Commerce branch?

For your safety and security, Bank of Commerce will not consider scanned or faxed documents as valid documents for the enrollment of bank accounts.

How will I know that I have been successfully enrolled?

You will receive an email confirmation indicating the status of your enrollment.

U S I N G   bCommerce

How do I log in to bCommerce Internet Banking?

To access bCommerce Internet Banking:

- Enter your nominated User ID in the sign in box on the bCommerce Internet Banking homepage
- Enter your Password and click "Log-in."

Ensuring the security of your personal information online is a top priority for Bank of Commerce. When you sign in, your User ID and Password are secured.

Why can't I access my bCommerce Retail Internet Banking account?

The following may be the reasons why you cannot access the site:

- To improve our service, we regularly upgrade and do system maintenance. It is possible that you may have accessed the site during our system downtime for maintenance which is from 12 midnight to 6 am, Philippine time, Mondays to Sundays.
- Your internet browser or operating system may not be compatible with bCommerce Internet Banking's minimum requirements:
  - Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 or higher/ Mozilla Firefox 4 or higher, Google Chrome 12, and Safari 5
  - PDF browser plug-in for the printing of the Terms and conditions and viewing of PDF files.
- You may have also encoded either a wrong User ID or password. Should this be the case, a pop-up message will appear to guide you in what to do.

What should I do if I forget my password?

If you forgot your password, you can change or reset it by visiting the Forgot Password link from the bCommerce Retail Internet Banking home page and enter your User ID, the answer to your submitted challenge question and your mother's maiden name.

Once the above-mentioned have successfully provided all these requirements, then bCommerce Internet Banking will provide you a temporary password, which you will use upon log-in.

If you suspect that your password has been compromised, immediately change your password using the "change password" option to prevent fraud and report this to your branch of account immediately.

Does my password have an expiration date?

Yes, as an additional security feature, you're required to change your password every 60 calendar days.

How many attempts do I have before my bCommerce account gets locked?

Three failed attempts will automatically lock your account.

What should I do if my User ID is locked or if I forgot my User ID?

You may call the bCommerce Retail Internet Banking Help Desk at (02)214-8899 or email us at customerservice@bankcom.com.ph. The bCommerce Retail Internet Banking Help Desk is open Mondays to Fridays, from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.

Someone accessed my bCommerce account. What can I do?

If you think this has happened, call the bCommerce Helpdesk at (02) 214-8899 immediately. Our HelpDesk is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

If you suspect anyone has used your bCommerce account without your permission, talk to the HelpDesk rather than ignore your suspicions. You are responsible for all the transactions made in your bCommerce account through the use of your log-in particulars. Any and all banking transactions requested and effected using your log-in particulars shall be presumed by the Bank to be performed and/or authorized by you.

I noticed an error in one of my bCommerce transaction. Where can I inquire and if ever, file a complaint.

If you notice an error in any of your bCommerce transactions, immediately notify the Bank by calling the bCommerce Helpdesk at (02) 214-8899.

The Bank does not guarantee immediate resolution of your requested error correction, including requests for reversal. However, we shall inform you of the results of our investigation and correct any established error, on a best- effort basis.

F U N D   T R A N S F E R

Do I need to enroll my beneficiary accounts before I can transfer funds? Why?

Yes, you have to enroll your beneficiary Bank of Commerce accounts. Please note that the bank needs to activate the beneficiary account enrollments before you can transfer funds to these accounts.

Can I transfer funds between my personal Bank of Commerce account and a corporate Bank of Commerce account using bCommerce Retail Internet Banking?

Yes, you can add a corporate account as a third party beneficiary.

Would a beneficiary account see my account details, upon enrollment of his/her account as my beneficiary?

Your account cannot be viewed or accessed by the other party.

Are fund transfers done in real time?

Yes, fund transfers are done in real time. In addition you may opt to schedule (post-dated and recurring) fixed amount transfers.

Can I do fund transfer to other non-Bank of Commerce accounts?

Currently fund transfers can only be done between Bank of Commerce accounts.

How much fund transfer is allowed in bCommerce Internet Banking?

You are allowed to transfer funds up to a maximum amount of PhP 5,000,000.00

How many fund transfer / bills payment transactions can I do per day?

There is no daily limit for fund transfer and bills payment transaction.

Will there be a three-day clearing period if I transferred funds online?

There is no clearing period as funds are transferred real time.

Can I transfer my peso account to other currencies and vice versa? What exchange rate is to be used?

This feature is currently not available in bCommerce Retail Internet Banking facility.

Can I transfer my Euro or USD to another Euro/USD account?

This feature is currently not available in bCommerce Retail Internet Banking facility.

Can I use my OTHER currency account to pay for my bills? What exchange rate is to be used?

This feature is currently not available in bCommerce Retail Internet Banking facility.

B I L L S   P A Y M E N T

Is there a minimum/ maximum amount for bills payment?

There are no minimum/maximum amounts for bills payment.

Can I schedule bills payment?

Yes, you may schedule bills payment only for payments (post-dated or recurring) with fixed amounts.

bCommerce  A C C O U N T   I N F O R M A T I O N

How do I change or amend my Profile?

  1. Log in by entering your User ID and Password then click Log-in
  2. On the left navigation bar, click Utilities and Administration
  3. Click Amend my Profile
  4. Fill-in required information then click Submit
  5. System will load your filled-up Amend My Profile page. If everything is correct, click Submit

If I update my profile account online, will this automatically update my information with the bank?

Amendments in the user profile of your online account will not automatically be applied to your information with the bank. If you need to update your personal information, please contact your branch of account.

If I update my profile with the bank, will this automatically update my information with bCommerce Internet Banking?

Any personal information update made with your branch of account is not automatically updated in bCommerce Internet Banking.

Bank of Commerce is not liable for any loss that may arise due to undelivered or delayed email communication.

How secure is my User ID and Password?

When you sign up for online access, you will create your own User ID and password, which will be used each time you logon to online banking to access your accounts.

Your nominated User ID is unique. The system will reject a User ID that has been used earlier by another bCommerce Online client. Your User ID must at least be six (6) alphanumeric non-blank characters.

Your password must at least be eight (8) alphanumeric non-blank characters for it to be really hard to guess. Every time you logon, your password will be masked.

Moreover, bCommerce Internet Banking prompts you to change your password every ninety (90) days to ensure maximum security. bCommerce online also forces a password change for every first time log in after retrieving a temporary password from the Forgot Password link or through password resetting.

Why do I need to provide a challenge question?

For your added protection, we have required you to provide a challenge question, the answer to which you will also provide, to ensure the confidentiality and security of your access.

How do I change my account password?

Log on to your account, go to "Utilities and Administration" and click "Change Own Password". There you can input your new password.

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