The privacy and security of your accounts is of vital importance to Bank Of Commerce; therefore, Bank Of Commerce has provided security measures to protect the confidentiality of your accounts when banking online.

bCommerce Internet Banking has introduced a number of security measures which includes:

Nominated User ID and Password
When you sign up for online access, you will create your own User ID and password, which will be used each time you logon to online banking to access your accounts. This information is encrypted, or scrambled, during transmission.

Session Expiration
bCommerce Internet Banking automatically logs you off after 10 minutes of inactivity. This lowers the risk of others accessing your account online when the computer is left unattended.

Bank of Commerce's computer systems are protected at all times by a firewall that blocks unauthorized users from accessing your account information.

Email Confirmations
As an additional security measure, bCommerce Internet Banking sends out an email confirmation for all financial transactions and changes in your bCommerce Internet Banking Account.

Technology updates
To maintain high security standards to ensure protection of your financial information at all times, BOC is committed to updating the technology as it becomes available.

Installed Verisign
A Verisign seal ensures our customers that the website is authentic. bCommerce Internet Banking assures you of the confidentiality of your transaction and personal information.

Closed System
bCommerce Internet Banking currently allows third party funds transfers to enrolled accounts only. This restricts the fraudulent fund transfer activities of a person who has accessed your account.

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